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Ben Kauffman Spring Update


Not a minute to spare in my world. I apologize for not sending more updates. Moved into the new house 3 weeks ago, what a dream. This Hasn’t sunk in yet that I own a house.. Moving in and all that jazz has been pretty smooth but a crazy amount of work. Canada’s got talent was just before that. Pretty happy that we made top 36 in Canada. Wish we would of been placed into a different round though as we might of had a better chance. Pretty sure it’s “fixed” anyways so who knows (hence no polls for the votes and a tie between 2 contestants, how impossible?!?). Wish there was more coverage and a lead up to our show but oh well. The finals line up is all singers and dancers and one cirque du soleil performer.. I guess they want singing and dancing lol. What a great experience! We had such a fun time doing that show, hopefully again next season. Great exposure for our company and our riders. The Craz-E-Crew has been busy lately doing weekend shows. Had a show may 6th for CN Cycle for Cheo again in Ottawa at the Lebretton flats for the children’s hospital. It was a fundraiser that we do every year for the sick kids fundraiser. We had 2 shows last weekend, one in barrie and one in Sudbury for the monster spectacular again. Monster truck shows in hockey arenas, not the greatest place to be doing cardio activity! We have 2 shows coming up the day after my Bday on Saturday in Orillia and then again on Monday morning in Mississauga. Not stoked to be driving on my bday but oh well. We will have a day off on Sunday so hopefully we can shred Joyride in the mean time.

We stuck around Sudbury for a day and rode the local dirt trails there. SO AMAZING! It was so nice to just relax and cruise through 8 jumps in a row connected by berms, hips, rails and whoops. I got lazy and didn’t put on my shin pads.. I paid for that one good with a pedal bite, pin deep down my shin ; see photo. I have attached some photos that you might of seen already on “the book”. I have some full resolution of the sudbury dirt photos if you guys want. Free usage on those photos. I am attending a dirt jam at a friends house on june 17th. A guy named josh bros is throwing on a pretty big event in his back yard outside of Ottawa. 3 or 4 dirt jumps in a row, 6 foot quarter with a sub box and a wall ride, Vert wall, Street Spine, bands, possibly a hot tub, cabins to stay in, BBQ and a ton of other stuff. Ill fill you in later with more details. Should be a blast! Have a look at our Craz-E-Crew upcoming and pending events:

May 11 and 12 – Monster Truck spectacular Barrie and Sudbury May 26 – Orillia Missisaga street Mania (city of Orillia) May 28 – City of Mississauga June 12 – Ottawa June 22 to 25th – Mont Laurier St Jean Baptiste Weekend June 23rd & 24th – Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival June 24th – Gatineau Saint Jean Baptiste Day June 29th and 30th – small town Near Sudbury (pending) July 1st – Ottawa Canada Day Rideau Street July 7th – Camp show (pending) July 20th to 22nd- Avonmore (pending) August 11th – Woodstock fair August 15th to 26th – Ottawa EX (pending) August 31 to September 3rd – Gatineau Balloon Festival September 3rd to 9th – Fredericton, NB Ex (pending) September 15th – Richmond Fair, Richmond Ontario



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